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Part of the state of Florida, the city of Miami is one of the most popular destinations in the world. With a large population of over 417,650 people, the city is one of the largest in the state and also in the country.

A center for commerce, finance and trade, the city is a very culturally important city with industries tied to media, arts, entertainment and culture. The World Cities Study labeled the city as a Alpha-World City in the year 2012. Forbes called it the single cleanest city in the country in the year 2008. They said the vast green spaces and fresh air with great quality of clean drinking water all contributed to the rise of the city in the Forbes ranking for cleanliness.

Even the streets and recycling program instituted by the authorities was given an honorary mention in the report for cleanliness.

Much of the city’s success lies in its inherent ability to produce revenues from its wealthy population. The city is considered the richest in the country, and the fifth richest in the world according to a study by investment bank UBS in 2009. The study compared over 73 cities across the planet for the report.

The country has more than just a high purchasing power, it also has one of the largest Latino populations in the country. It is often called the Capital of Latin America by people. The city has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the United States and also a majority of people who speak two languages.

There are many more things the city of Miami is known for. The city has a population that lives in a center with the largest concentration of international banks in the country. there are more banks per square mile than anywhere else on the continent. There are also a large number of medical and international institutions here.

The city was a major port for the cruise ships that came into the country for many years. This earned the city the nickname of ‘Cruise Capital of the World’ for many years. The tradition of being the largest cruise port spans over two decades and lives on till today. It is the single busiest port for passengers and cruise liners in the world.

The Tequestas were the tribe that occupied the city area while it was inhabited by an indigenous population for thousands of years. At the mouth of the Miami River, experts located an Indian village that is said to have been about 500 or 600 years old.

The area where the city now stands was once claimed for the Spanish empire by Pedro Menendez de Aviles in the year 1566. Avilez was a Spanish explorer and he wanted to have a mission built here in the year 1567. After chaging hands from the Spanish to the British in the years that followed, the territory was finally given up to the United States is the year 1821. The Florida Territory around this time was developed by the United States government which decided to build forts. One of these was Fort Dallas, which was created to keep the Seminole tribe away and defend the territory. This didn’t stop the area of Miami being part of the ongoing conflict during the Second Seminole War in later years.

A wealthy native of Cleveland, Julia Tuttle, conceived the idea for Miami city. This marked the only time in history when a woman conceived a major city in America.  Tuttle was a well off citrus grower at the time. In the early years of growth the area was called ‘Biscayne Bay County’ by the locals who settled here.

The area noticed an uptick in growth around this period as the city developed both socially and economically during the early 19th century. The reports coming from the area were very optimistic about the wilderness and the way the county was developing. It was called one of the best sites to build in Florida during this period.

The crops of the Miami area were the only ones to survive the Great Freeze of the 1894-95 era and this meant that the growth in Miami would be even faster. Henry Flagler was convinced by Julia Tuttle to expand the railroad to the area. He promptly grew the Florida East Coast Railway and this made Julia tuttle even more popular. She was nicknamed ‘the mother of Miami’ by the city’s residents.

With over 300 people living here, the city was incorporated in the year 1896. The name is derived from the river’s ancient name, Mayaimi. The population and economy grew extensively during the 1920’s. Today, after two world wars and the Cuban missile crisis, the city is one of largest and most celebrated in the country.